Profacto – Job cost and projects financial

Add value to your projects. In a globalization context, competition is emerging from all sides. So you have to be even more competitive.

We believe that increasing the competitiveness of a company like yours, necessarily requires to review your process such  calculating the actual cost of your projects and being able to track any estimate vs actual cost.
With the right numbers and statistics, you will be able to:

  • Identify all your cost centres and compare your estimate
  • Use this information when assessing similar projects and thus produce more accurate quotes
  • Improve your project management,Budget to the balance sheet, without repetitive data entry
  • Reinvest the information provided by ProFacto in your process is to add value to your projects!

Why choose ProFacto?

ProFacto is specifically designed for steel structures manufacturers and requires minimal customization. The integration of accounting modules significantly reduces data entry since they sync seamlessly  making it a solution of choice, perfectly adapted to your daily  task and more affordable option!

A realistic solution without any additional resources needed. 

Profacto is a solution specifically designed for your type of business. Thanks to its direct link with Presto and Inca the cost management of your current projects has never been so simple.

Perform rigorous budgets monitoring by activity, cost and quantity

  • Get information on the project cost progress or a set of projects
  • Identify any cost overruns as they occur
  • Review your budgets while keeping an eye on your initial costs
  • Impute to the projects all used of materials including inventory releases
  • Keep track of your billing contractors per project
  • Bill your customers according to project progress, or by extra
  • Transfer accounts payable and receivable accounting 

Since ProFacto is perfectly integrated with the Presto estimation module, you can now compare your estimated budget and your actual costs in a few clicks and adjust your future estimates based on statistics from similar projects. The integration of all modules reduces data entry since all modules communicate together.
Investing in a solution that improve the profitability of your business is to take a step ahead of the competition!