Presto – Easy and on target estimating

Making the difference. With Presto, you will be setup to provide any take-off and budget estimates on target in a fraction of the time.

  • Standardize your take-off and budget estimates process
  • Avoid costly miscalculations
  • Centralize all your take-off to foster the knowledge transfer of your experienced estimators to novices
  • Develop different scenarios for your projects and facilitate decision-making
  • Create your own take-off models
  • Define your calculation methods
  • Group the logical way of reading elements to accelerate the verification and corrections
  • Dramatically reduce your cost estimate
  • Introduce structured take-off and budget estimate with a professional look without extra effort

Acquire efficient tools specifically designed for your field of activities can make all the difference!

Speed and accuracy for better profits. Prepare your take-off and budget estimate with Presto and be assured of obtaining strictly accurate quotes while dramatically reducing human error.

Using Presto to prepare your take-off and budget estimate increase your ability to respond to the demand  and get more contracts. In addition, you bid with peace of mind. Thanks to the precision  you will produce.