Available Add-ons and mobile app

Mobilis Systems application can be enhanced with several add-ons that make you more efficient and more effective. 

We offer a full range of add-ons that have emerged thanks to our expertise and long experience in the world of production management applications.

  • Accounting add-ons so you can track your finances according to your production order and shipping
  • Drawing Import add-on in order to manage your cutting list and put into production quickly and accurately
  • DSTV-CNC add-on in order to give better instruction to your production employees
  • Shipping Management add-on to better allocate your shipments and your LEED paperwork and traceability

Mobilis systems can also help you with your special needs:

  • Needs analysis
  • Installation and custom configuration
  • Customs Excel files
  • Personalized solution
  • Technical support
  • Training and online support