Inca – Inventory management and purchasing!

No more huge inventory anymore.  Inca gives you an accurate picture of your inventory and let you manage it based on your needs.
Many manufacturers try to eliminate the inventory to avoid having to bear the astronomical associated costs. But they know, completely eliminating inventory is impossible.
In light of this, would it not be better to establish an inventory management that is closely related with other business processes, from production development to the compilation of the actual costs?
What if it will be possible to:

  • Knowing exactly what materials to order without having to run in the yard?
  • Being able to order and pre-book the material for specific projects?
  • Knowing the exact location and the actual cost of each parts in your inventory?
  • To manage costs by length and grade?
  • Generate purchase orders for subcontracting?
  • To consult the project by using historical and division at any time?
  • To control the rejected lengths attributable to projects?
  • To buy the material in different cost units and different currencies?

Don’t search anymore! Get every inventory details in real time.

  • Manage all your hardware purchasing to delivery slip
  • Simplify the inputs and outputs inventory through a direct link with the start of production
  • Illico keeps track of all traceability details  and conformity certificates of your materials
  • Know the value of your inventory by category or location, with a single click
  • Generate reports, generic or customized in a few clicks

No more unused materials that remain on the shelves!
When  inventory control sound like efficacy and profitability.