Illico – Combine and optimized your cutting list!

Get cutting lists optimized with Illico without spending long hours calculating and try to get the best result of arrangement possible.

Illico compare all possible combinations to determine the cutting list that will be most advantageous in terms of material economy. In addition, the software can consider the material inventory and purchase orders so you do not have to order from unwanted material that clutter the yard.
A system to your image – customize your system to make the most!

  • Optimize hardware costs through the use of different lengths
  • Set your standards and those of your customers for faster data entry or use the import  drawing module to quickly import material lists
  • Set your own cutting tools and their respective properties to produce lists and tools to distribute work effectively in the shop
  • Customize the optimization of your cutting lists and add comments to avoid any confusion from your staff

Beyond calculations

Illico lets you divide your project phases in order to reflect the actual project schedule. So you can get information on current production and plan more effectively. Generate purchase orders that can be converted into Inca,  our inventory management solution, and proceed to the production start as soon as the purchase orders are confirmed. With the shipping module all the transportation process equipment to the site is closely monitored. Finally, for exportation projects, Illico produce the original packing slips that will greatly simplify your preparation of custom papers. You can view and print the certificates of conformity your  shipment.
To let you do more with less, this is the mission of Illico.